Simplex Fire Alarm system

Next-generation life-safety platforms for added power,
Internet connectivity and remote service capabilities
You can use SafeLINC if you have Internet access for any internet ready device connected on a Local Area Network (LAN). Connecting SafeLINC to your network is very similar to connecting any internet ready device to your LAN or WAN.

Flexible, reliable, cost-effective and highly scalable systems that can grow and expand as buildings change and life-safety needs evolve

Notification systems that provide you and emergency responders with fast, accurate information in an emergency
Addressable notification that offers less disruption of operations and more business continuity
advanced SIMPLEX TrueAlert ES notification solutions now include the industry’s first addressable speakers with individual audio control. We’re leveraging our full suite of addressable notification technologies to provide benefits through every phase in the life of a building.
• At the design stage, architects and engineers will enjoy fewer roadblocks, thanks to the industry’s most flexible wiring architecture.
• Installation time can be cut by up to one-third because of the flexible wiring scheme of TrueAlert ES appliances. Plus, they require smaller gauge wiring, cutting equipment costs by up to 50%.
• Testing and maintenance is far easier and more cost-effective. The revolutionary self-testing capability of TrueAlert ES appliances enables testing to be done through a SIMPLEX fire alarm panel, greatly reducing interruptions to building occupants and business operations. Plus, the devices are electronically supervised 24/7, giving facility managers greater control and confidence that the system is ready to perform.
• When it’s time to expand, TrueAlert ES products are highly scalable, so the system can grow as your needs evolve.
Whether you’re looking for visual messaging via texts, conventional appliances such as horns, multi-candela strobes, horn/strobes, speakers and speaker/strobes, our advanced addressable notification solutions can help make protecting your people, property and business operations more reliable, flexible and cost-effective.

Networked solutions to enable control from a single location
Networked technology brings your information to one location, giving you better command and control. Our fire alarm network communicates information among distributed Simplex fire alarm control panels, enabling each panel to maintain the status and control of its own points, and monitor and control points physically connected to other network panels. Network solutions are an efficient way to address facility size or complexity, allowing, for example, panels to communicate regarding the evacuation of a specific block of floors versus an entire building. By bringing your panel information to a central location, you gain a single system view without the need to visit multiple physical locations. Networking improves survivability; if a single panel loses communication, all remaining panels can still communicate with each other. Our solutions also offer client server capability, creating the ability to monitor activity and remotely view information from a PC with the appropriate software.
Enhanced protection in networked environments. In today's multi-building, high-rise and campus environments, life safety is top-of-mind concern. The protection of people, property and assets can hinge on the ability to quickly respond to an emergency and effectively manage system information from a central command center.
Unique ability to work with systems from any manufacturer means that all your systems work together as an integrated whole*

Detection systems help you avoid unwelcome distractions. Our innovative software and electronics means we can offer you the most stable technology with the quickest response and less nuisance. Because a dirty detector will more likely go to alarm, TrueInsight’s remote diagnostics predictive ability is invaluable, alerting us that a device is heading toward trouble and “almost” dirty, letting us proactively service the device.

The addressability of our devices offers timesaving benefits to contractors, facility managers and owners. The devices don’t have to be inventoried for designated locations. They can be interchanged, letting them be removed for service and then reinstalled anywhere. Our patented TrueAlarm® sensors are one of the industry’s most stable lines of detection devices and our addressable modules can provide addressability to conventional devices such as flow switches.
As an added benefit, Carbon Monoxide (CO) sensors are included in our smoke detectors, saving the expense of a separate purchase as well as reducing wiring needs. CO can’t be seen or smelled; that’s what makes it such a potent threat. Our solutions are especially critical for facilities where people sleep: dormitories, hotels, nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Local offices to offer consistency, uphold standards and keep your premises in compliance with local codes and regulations
SAFETY Act certified Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT)
24/7 service from NICET-certified technicians

Kantech Access Control System

Kantech offers a full suite of feature rich and cost effective access control products that are reliable, easy to install and fully scalable. This section covers Kantech PC based solutions – EntraPass software which is available in three versions – Special Edition, Corporate Edition and Global Edition. Each offering in addition to their access control features ID badging, integration with American Dynamics Video solutions and intruder integration from DSC and Honeywell (Dimension).

For you the customer we can offer a system for a single site, single door start up organisation, to a multi site estate, through to corporations spanning the globe – such is the simplicity, power and flexibility of EntraPass.

EntraPass Software
Kantech EntraPass is a robust suite of high performance software that allows customers to design and operate any number of doors where card access is required - securely, quickly and efficiently. EntraPass is compatible with Kantech’s entire line of door controllers and is available in three different versions; EntraPass™ Special Edition, EntraPass™ Corporate Edition and EntraPass™ Global Edition.

Intevo is an integration solution preloaded with American Dynamics’ IP video recorder and Kantech’s EntraPass Corporate Edition security management software. This includes support for Intrusion panel integration, giving an entry level plug-and-play SMS solution.

EasyLobby Visitor Management System
Having provided access control for employees to increase security whilst the site is not alarmed reducing potential losses whilst also assisting in meeting health and safety requirements for both staff and visitors. Companies often rely upon a paper system for registering visitors on and off site. This can be slow and easily left out of synch with visits ending but still being left ‘open’ or ‘on site’ for days after the event. An on line PC based system allows the company to quickly review visits, identify who a visitor is with a more easily manage the whole process.

EntraPass™ GO
EntraPass Go allows you to remotely control your security system from anywhere without being tied to a workstation. EntraPass Go puts you in control of your security. It enables you to interact with EntraPass security management software using only a few taps on your mobile device.

EntraPass GO puts you in control of your security. It enables you to interact with the EntraPass security management software using only a few taps on your mobile device. The easy-to-use mobile app gives you anytime, anywhere real-time management of over 20 security tasks. Manage / create cards, lock / unlock doors, request reports and much more.

EntraPass™ GO Pass
Pay for coffee with your phone, board an airplane with your phone…and now access secured areas with your phone and other mobile devices. EntraPass Go Pass provides access control that allows you to enter secured areas using your iPhone and Apple Watch.

EntraPass Web - Web Delivered Application
The EntraPass Web platform enhances the user experience by delivering remote and convenient real-time access to manage common security tasks and reports from any computer connected to the internet. Security managers on the go can perform a host of functions via EntraPass Web, including locking/unlocking doors, managing cards and schedules, requesting reports, viewing live video, monitoring events by floor plan and so much more.

Simply download the EntraPass Web application from any Windows PC web browser and stay connected even when on the go!

Kantech Controllers
There are a range of Kantech Controllers available including the KT-1 One Door Controller, KT-300 and the KT-400 Door Controllers. These allow us to design a system to meet you and your sites requirements. Using where possible existing IT networks to reduce the impact of installation on site and threfore reduce the overall cost of an installation as less network cable is to be installed

Cards, Readers and Keypads
There are a wide range of cards, readers and keypads available including Smart Cards, Proximity Cards, Identec Cyphertag® Hands Free Solutions, Kantech Biometrics and Morpho Biometric Readers

Zettler Nurse Call System


To enable staff to devote more time caring born Zettler Medicall 800, a modern and suitable for any application, based on LON ® bus technology. The system offers several calling features, the possibility of direct communication, different variations of response and interfaces to other electronic systems. Thanks to these essential characteristics, Zettler Medicall ® 800 ® helps create an effective organization of care and safety for patients and staff service.

Zettler ® Medicall ® 800 was developed for hospitals, clinics and rehabilitation care, retirement homes and nursing homes, organization of care in residential care, domiciliary care organization. The system adapts to the specific needs of a structure: it works both as a simple reporting system without phonics as a system that combined signaling and communication, with the ability to talk hands-free from the room or bed. We guarantee the respect of norms and standards with maximum flexibility in terms of size and functionality of the facilities.

The call of service: extra comfort

The service call is transmitted to certain defined places in the building. If you want to be bringing her baby with Zettler ® 800 ® Medicall a patient can contact the staff of the department. Call baby appears on the display wall Medicall ® 800 or the display of a telephone so that the nurse is informed and can react immediately.

Focused information in an emergency

If you operate the alarm or call staff cardiac resuscitation, the message is transmitted in a targeted way to a medical team, thus ensuring immediate assistance. With the same precision you can set up other calls and other messages such as selective call bedroom, diagnosis calls, fire alarms, technical failures and call special.

Emergency number

If a nurse can not leave their work area, but needs extra help, via a button automatically activates an emergency.

Smart Wiring

A line called the communication system recognizes and transmits up to four different call types. In the standard version you can connect up to six lines called for room: up to four lines for the beds, one for the room and one for the local sanitation.

American Dynamics CCTV System

American Dynamics Illustra Series IP cameras deliver four essential qualities: exceptional video quality, easy installation, differentiating features, and reduced cost.

Both the indoor and outdoor models come in standard or HD resolutions of either 720p (1MP) or 1080p (2MP), and are available in white or black. Each camera has an IR illuminator with anti-reflection technology. This technology keeps the light from shooting into the lens where visual distortions occur. The patented Theia lens avoids “barrel” distortion, providing clear views and delivering superior video quality even at the farthest angles of an image. With superior low-light performance, the Illustra Series cameras provide images clearly at .04 lux, especially at night or dawn when events are more likely to occur.

Installation is simple and easy. The cameras include three integrated mounting options: hard surface, electrical box and recessed mounts (indoor mini-domes only), ensuring fast installation with no additional cost or hardware. The Illustra 600 Series offers superior low light performance, face detection, and onboard motion-detection.

With unique face detection functionality, the Illustra Series cameras provide clear facial images, while reducing the bit rate in the rest of the scene. This reduces bandwidth and storage costs, and provides a powerful tool for applications such as stairwells, ATMs and POS cash registers.

The auto-focus feature ensures a reduction in downtime and maintenance calls. When an image is out of focus, an alert is sent to the operator, where the camera can be brought back into focus immediately.

All cameras come with the free Illustra Connect software tool, offering time-saving camera configuration. The Illustra cameras work with the American Dynamics VideoEdge NVR and HDVR as well as with other ONVIF-compliant NVRs and hybrid recorders.

victor Unified Video Management Application

victor is a globally scalable solution optimized for command and control that seamlessly synchronizes video surveillance with access control, fire, intrusion and other systems into one powerful, intuitive interface. The Video Management System's powerful collaboration for security operations command allows any operator to immediately share cameras of interest, streamlining real-time security command and management over a widespread, demanding environment.

The software's powerful collaboration tools provide any operator the ability to immediately share visual and analytic data across the integrated enterprise allowing for greater insight. The contemporary user interface enhances operator productivity, and analytic features improve visibility of the entire environment.

The victor client and VideoEdge hardware platforms improve the efficiency of security personnel and daily business operations by creating a powerful video management solution that allows users to leverage high-performance video streaming, analytics, video intelligence and a leading-edge feature set for streamlined command and management.

victor is designed with a scalable portfolio of clients, customizing a solution that is right for any business. victor Express is the ideal video management software for small businesses at a single-site location. victor Professional is optimized for command and control to seamlessly synchronize video surveillance with additional security systems into one powerful, intuitive interface. victor Enterprise provides a centralized master application server and multiple satellite application servers that create a robust infrastructure in support of thousands of video recorders.

NOVEC Fire Suppression System

Tyco are a leading inert and chemical gaseous fire suppression systems provider whose “track record” for providing “long term sustainable” gaseous fire suppression systems remains unbeatable and beyond reproach.We have achieved this recognition by ensuring that the “working life” of all the different types of gaseous fire suppression systems that we provide has been safeguarded against replacement from potential future changes in Health & Safety and Environmental Legislation.

Tyco have been committed to the continued development of six types of inert and chemical gaseous fire suppression system.

As a result, during the past forty years, we have protected virtually every type of “Business/Process Critical Area” on land, at sea and in the harshest of environments imaginable.

Our continued success is reflected by the large number of global partnerships we maintain with some of the world’s top 100 companies within the industrial, commercial, marine, oil & gas and power generation market sectors.

Sapphire / Novec 1230
NOVEC 1230 is supplied in lightweight cylinders with a small footprint that requires minimal storage space. Novec 1230 fluid has a boiling point of 49 degrees C and therefore exists as a liquid at room temperature. It is pressurised with nitrogen to 25or 42 bar and rapidly extinguishes a fire through a combination of heat absorption (its main action) and some chemical interference with the flame.

Although stored in liquid form, NOVEC 1230 fluid will vaporise easily upon discharge, making it an effective total flooding agent for a variety of hazards. As a clean agent, it leaves no residue and is therefore ideally suited for Marine applications where high margins of safety and long-term sustainability are considered as important features.

All systems will be designed to meet the individual needs of our customer and in accordance with IMO & all Marine classification society rules and regulations.

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